Mrs Millions - Scent Crystals 100g Pouch

Mrs Millions - Scent Crystals 100g Pouch

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Mrs Millions

 Perfume | Feminine

Scent Crystals  - 100g Pouch

Pop 1-2 teaspoons in the well of your burner, the oil will evaporate and create a strong & instant fragrance throughout your home,

One teaspoon lasts up to 6 hours - the oil will evaporate from the crystals. Once the scent has run down simply dispose of the crystals and they will leave a mess-free oil burner. 

The crystals contain colouring that may stain if they come into contact with clothing or furniture.

Contains: Methyl cyclo myrcetone, hexyl cinnamaldehyde, linalool, orange peel oil sweet, benzyl salicylate, ethoxylmethoxy cyclododecane, cashmeran, musk, helional.



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