So Savage - Loo/Mop Bombs

So Savage - Loo/Mop Bombs

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So Savage

Perfume | Masculine | Spices | Citrus

Loo/Mop Bombs - 10 pack - 175g Net

Our handmade Loo/Mop Bombs will leave a fresh, strong, long-lasting fragrance within your bathroom.

Directions for use: Once you have flushed the loo, gently place 1 'bomb' into the loo bowl. Once the 'bomb' has finished fizzing it will leave your bathroom smelling fresh.

keep away from animals.  

Packaging - Kraft paper zip lock bag, waterproof, non-toxic

Contains: Sodium Bicarbonate (E 500), Citric acid Anhydrous (E 330), Methyl cyclo myrcetone, Linalyl acetate,  Linalool, Hexyl cinnamaldehyde.



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