Unstop Fresh - Loo/Mop Fresh

Unstop Fresh - Loo/Mop Fresh

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Unstop Fresh 

Ocean Spray | Citrus

Loo/Mop Fresh Powder - 200g Net

Our handmade Loo/MopFresh will leave a fresh, strong, long-lasting fragrance within your bathroom.

Directions for use: Once you have flushed the loo, gently Sprinkle our loo fresh powder into the loo bowl. Once the powder has finished fizzing it will leave your bathroom smelling fresh.

keep away from animals.  

Packaging - Kraft paper zip lock bag, waterproof, non-toxic

Contains: Sodium Bicarbonate (E 500), Citric acid Anhydrous (E 330), Green acetate, Citronellol, Hexyl salicylate, methyl cyclo myrcetone, Hexyl cinnamaldehyde¸ d-Limonene, Tricyclodecenyl-9- propionate (Verdyl propionate) 



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